Earvin "Magic" Johnson

is a retired NBA Basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. Before joining the NBA, the 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m) point guard enjoyed success in NCAA College Basketball , winning the title in 1979 with the Michigan State. With the Lakers, Johnson established a successful career as he won five NBA championships, played in nine NBA Finals series, and was elected three times for both Finals MVP and Regular Season MVP . Johnson also played in 12 All-Star games and was voted into 10 First and Second Teams, and led the league in regular season assists four times.

Johnson is acknowledged as one of the most popular NBA basketball players of all time, being well-known for his uncanny passing and dribbling skills, and for his cheerful nature on and off the court. His fierce, but friendly rivalry with Larry Bird rejuvenated the NBA and ushered in the era of million-dollar salaries. He was also a member of the Dream Team U. S. basketball team which won the Olympic gold medal in 1992. For his feats, Johnson was honored as one of the NBA 50 Greatest Players in 1996 and enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2002.

Johnson is also well-known for contracting HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus), which he made public in 1991, and which caused him to temporarily retire. After winning over the support of his colleagues, he became the first openly HIV-positive player to play in the NBA. Since then, he has been a crusader for HIV prevention, Safe Sex, and a Philanthropist for social causes. Source : Wikipedia

About His Disease : HIV AIDS

HIV is a virus, specifically a retrovirus, that can lead to Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome or AIDS. It is transmitted primarily by transfer of body fluids such as semen, blood, breast milk, or even vaginal fluids. I would like to stress here that HIV technically does not kill the victim but it just result to compromised immune system leading to major diseases. Thus, its safe to say that HIV is more of a triggering factor to its victims.

It is most common in Africa where 18million victims has been infected since the disease first took note in 1981. Its primary cause is due to unprotected sex or sharing of needles by drug users. In this case, Magic Johnson admits he used to practice unprotected sex prior to his disease that eventually devastated his career.

Where is Magic Johnson now?

Magic is now a successful businessman and CEO of his company named Magic Johnson Theaters that is stationed all across the USA. He also has a starbucks franchise opened in his hometown. Furthermore, he is a big advocate of safe sex and awareness for HIV AIDS movements.


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