Normally, it is very seldom that I do picture posts here in Celebrity Disease Blog.

But with the massive buzz that swine flu is getting around the net, I cant help but make an exception. I find this picture a bit disturbing as it is entertaining. Im pretty sure this is the mother of all swine flu. This is all where it started.

(Photo credit goes to the blog I forgot to take note of. Sincerest apologies.)

Now you know where it all cam from. . .

Famous People with Schizophrenia
at Celebrity Disease Blog

There are relatively quite few famous people with Schizophrenia. This is perhaps because this disorder affects people mostly in their young adulthood stage. Too young and too immature to gain worldwide accomplishment worthy of recognition. However, I managed to get a list of celebrities with Schizophrenia.

This celebrity disease is diagnosed by looking at both behavioral patterns and past history of the patient. Doctors will usually look for signs and symptoms that the patient may possess. This includes the following: social withdrawal, depersonalization (the feeling of looking at self as unreal), loss of hygiene, loss of appetite, delusions, hallucinations and the sense of being controlled by outside forces.

One FYI from this celebrities with diseases blog before we continue: Ever knew the difference between delusions and hallucinations? Delusion is a false belief (ex. if you believe you are Jesus Christ, Hitler or anyone with high disposition, you are delusional). Hallucination is a a false belief coupled along with the use of senses. (ex. If you are hearing things, seeing things, or even tasting things which arent there at all, you are hallucinating). That's your FYI tidbit for today's post. Dont you just love it when your blogger is a nurse? ;)

Ok, Back to Famous people with Schizophrenia. I searched high and low over the internet to provide you with this information. Fortunately, I did find something that might feed your curiosity.

Here they are:

  • James Beck Gordon (Jim Gordon) - Famous drummer who played with John Lennon, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, the Everly Brothers, the Beach Boys, Judy Collins, Joe Cocker, Frank Zappa, Duane Allman, Carly Simon, Jackson Browne, and Joan Baez until schizophrenia took hold.
  • Syd Barrett - Pink Floyd member until 1968.
  • Tom Harrell - Famous Jazz musician.
  • Eduard Einstein - Albert Einstein’s son.
  • Meera Popkin - Broadway star (think Cats and Miss Saigon).
  • John Nash - Perhaps the most famous of this list of celebrities and famous people with schizoprhenia. He was a Mathematician, Noble Prize winner, and subject of A Beautiful Mind.
  • Alexander “Skip” Spence - Member of the 1960’s rock band Moby Grape as well as Jefferson Airplane.
  • Lionel Aldridge - Former defensive end for the Green Bay Packers.
  • Peter Green - Founder of Fleetwood Mac.
  • Bob Mosley - Another member of Moby Grape.
  • Jack Kerouac - Beat generation author.
  • Rose Williams - Tennessee Williams’s sister.

That's it guys! Hope you had this one booked. Tune it for more list of famous people who share your disease. They may accomplish something that was worthy of recognition but they are not at all less susceptible to anyone's disease. Hope you enjoyed this post about Famous people with schizophrenia.

At of the time of this writing, CDC reports a total of 109 cases of swine flu all over the United States. The state with the highest incidence is in New York with 50 cases, followed by Texas with 26 and California with 14.

With that 14 cases of swine flu in California, would you ever bet your favorite celebrity would be on that list at all?

So I guess the "keen-ness" in me got a hold of myself pretty well. Here's my list of top 7 celebrities who are likely to have swine flu.

1.) Nicole Richie

Being a nurse at the same time gives you priveleges like being able to spot people who are likely to get sick of a terminal illness in the future, more like a medical horoscope if you will. The very instance I heard about the Swine Flu Scare, one picture got into me directly: Nicole, Nicole, Nicole. She blasts off as number 1 in our list.

2.) Pete Doherty

This "Libertine" frontman and Academic Buff gets his notch as the number two on our list just because of his appearance. He's been rumored to have a lot of "after gigs" which include coke, MJ's and everything in between. Better watch yourself mate!

3.) Elizabeth Taylor

She has recently been rumored to have chills and slight fever lately. Being one of the most beautiful women who ever walked on this planet doesnt spare anyone, not even elizabeth taylor from being infected with swine flu. As for the age factor, older people generally have lower resistance to viruses. Be careful Elizabeth! BTW, she's on twitter! Follow her @DameElizabeth

4.) Lindsay Lohan

One of the obvious trademarks of being immuno-compromised is having an externally visible signs of excessive weight loss maybe due to anorexia or other eating disorders. For this reason, the TMZ favorite, Lindsay builds our list at number 4.

5.) Tara Reid

One of the girls that's always on the "Drunk Celebrities List" on various websites gives her the right to be the top 5 of our search for the celebrities who are likely to have swine flu. With so much alcohol in her system, the kidneys cannot function as well as a normal, sane person's kidney would. This often leads to blood composition abnormalities including white blood cells which act as the body's defense against viruses. Tara, you're hot but people are sick of you. :)

6.) Mariah Carey

Mimi lodged in to our top 6 just because of being so fat over the years. I could still remember her peak years where she was just a hot and gorgeous. But now, for carrying around so much fat deposits, she's on the limelight once again. Altough Swine Flu cannot be transmitted from eating pork, it is definitely contagious from person to person contact. She's got a concert right? Well, goodluck with that!

And the Swine Flu Queen........... Drum Roll Please.

7.) Kristie Alley

In her younger years when she co-starred on the hit T.V. show “Cheers” Kristie Alley never used to be overweight. Recently, she has been packing on the pounds - so much so that Jenny Craig has hired her to be their official weight loss spokesperson. Her weight loss has been gradual, too gradual for anyone.

Much like chicken pox, swine flu cannot be contracted from eating pork. But this has got to be insane. She might as well add Tamiflu (the medicine for swine flu) to her barrage of weight loss pills.

Celebrities with Colon Cancer

Here's another list, and this time, its all about Celebrities with Colon Cancer. I know ive been busy and wasnt able to post for some time already. Dont get whiny now, my dear readers. I still love all of you. Its just that im working on a site about Colostomy Diet.

Ok, so one of you asked for a list of Celebrities with Colon Cancer. By the way, I always like to say that i hate disappointing people so here it is. To dana who emailed me, here's one for you. I hope this one helps you out and inspire you to fight Colon Cancer. Remember, in this blog, youre already a celebrity. And that goes for all of you guys.

So without any further ado, here's the list of Celebrities with Colon Cancer.

  • Corazon Aquino - Former Philippine President
  • Charlie Bell - McDonald's CEO
  • Ted Corbitt (Prostate Cancer, Colon Cancer) - American Distance Runner
  • Eric Davis - Baseball Player
  • Mildred "Babe" Didrikson - Olympic Track & Field Athlete
  • Ron Fineman - TV Journalist
  • John Forsythe - Actor
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Supreme Court Justice
  • Dick Hickox (Esophageal Cancer, Colon Cancer) - Basketball Player
  • Betty Hutton - Actress
  • Chen Jinlang - Singer (Singapore)
  • Ernie Ladd (Colon, Stomach, Bones) - Football Player, Wrestler
  • Marilyn Martinez - Standup Comedian
  • Juanita Millender-McDonald - Member of Congress (D-CA)
  • Frank Morgan - Saxophonist
  • Sharon Osbourne - Wife of Ozzie Osbourne
  • Walter K. Palmer - Health Insurance Executive
  • Abdul Razzak (Colorectal Cancer) - Gitmo Detainee
  • Ronald Reagan - US President
  • Ted Schroeder - Tennis Champion
  • Charles Schultz - Peanuts
  • Joel Siegel - Film Critic (ABC Good Morning America)
  • Leroy Sievers - Journalist (ABC News Nightline executive producer, CBS News)
  • Damu Smith - Peace and Environmental Activist
  • Tony Snow - White House Press Secretary
  • Darryl Strawberry - Baseball Player
  • Robin Toner - New York Times Reporter
  • Charlie Walker - Grand Ole Opry member and Honky-Tonk Singer
  • Edward Yang - Director
  • Lee Young - Jazz Drummer
That's it guys! Hope you're satisfied with this list of Celebrities with Colon Cancer. I'll keep looking online and offline though. This one might just be a good idea for the next feature post. Maybe ill choose one of the people on this list and explain their experiences from gossip to the medical side. Till next time Celebrities!

Having a colostomy is very uncomfortable especially for those who are used to an active lifestyle. Patients often retire to the notion that they cannot do the usual things they have been doing prior to the colostomy procedure.

Colostomy Diet is one of the things that ostomates dont initially dread on. It is a specialized and balanced diet that is perfectly fitted for the needs of patients who have undergone colostomy procedure.

Here in celebrity diseases blog, we pride ourselves in letting the famous people go out from their comfort zones and inspire people having the same disease as they are. And this is dont without them knowing it. How cool is that?

Dwight Eisenhower - Former US President

Fred Astaire - actor/dancer

Barbara Barrie - actress

Rolf Benirschke - professional US football player/game show host/ConvaTec spokesperson

Napoleon Bonaparte - world leader and military conqueror

Marvin Bush - financial advisor and son of former US president

Al Geiberger - professional golfer - Had to undergone a series of After Colostomy Diets to arrive at one that suited him well.

Bob Hope - entertainer/comedian/actor

Tip O’Neil - US Speaker of the House and Ambassador to Ireland

William Powell - actor

Queen Mum (colostomy since 1966)- British royal

Suzanne Rosenthal - CCFA Founder

Red Skelton - comedian

Ed Sullivan - TV host

Loretta Young - actress

Thats it guys, if you have any more questions, quieries or just want to feed your mind about colostomy and everything about it, please do give my new site a visit over at for Diet After Colostomy.

Andy Hallet of series "Angel" dies at 33
You remember the TV series "Angel"? Then you wont have any trouble recalling the green skinned, good-guy, demon Lorne. The actor was Andy Hallet and sadly, he died of congestive heart failure at the tender age of 33.

Andy Hallet's "Angel" TV Series lasted 5 seasons to run in WB before it got canceled in 2004. Just as ephemeral his showbiz career, his life was short but a meaningful one. Shortly after the show was cancelled, he was diagnosed to have Congestive Heart Disease which got him on and off the hospital for 5 years.

Like Billy Powell and other celebrities with heart diseases, this is one classic example of how the heart betrays anyone regardless of age, race or social status. This celebrity disease is commonly associated with decreased tolerance to do activities of daily living such as running, exercise, or at the terminal stage, even walking. This happens when the heart is inadequately pumping enough blood to supply the body's needs. As we all know, blood contains oxygen, nutrients and essential fluids to keep the body at its optimal level. Any significant decrease in the blood's delivery will be detrimental to the body.

So in Andy Hallet's case, it came to a point wherein his heart disease has progressed that his body cannot anymore cope up with the decreased blood circulation. Thus, it can now be termed as "Congestive Heart Failure".

I hope this post fed your curiousity about his death. Rest assured, this blog will continue to give you the information you want about your celebrity diseases. Do you share any disease with the celebrities in here? Please let me know through my "Contact Me" page.

Until then! Remember, Celebrity Diseases can catch you off guard, so youre better off preventing rather than treating. :)

Jade Goody Dies from Cervical Cancer

If you're in British and a big fan of Big Brother since it started, Im sure you all admired (some hated) Jade Goody who just recently died of Cervical Cancer a disease just as famous as the ones it usually victimize. The news of her death has been covered by major media outlets all over the world but here in celebrity diseases blog, not only will you get to feed your undying curiosity for the celebrity, but for the disease as well. So lets get it this going, shall we?

Jade Goody made her debut in celebrityville during the 2oo2 series of Big Brother in Britain. She has been known for her distinct personality, unique outlook and downright frank yet meaningful attitude. She went main stream again during the 2007 celebrity edition in which she was involved in a rather racist controversy over an indian housemate. Shortly after she was evicted, she made many public apologies claiming that she realized that what she did was wrong. Over the course of her ephemeral career in showbiz, she launched products and autobiographies which got onto the most shopped items for a while. Given the rate her career was going, anyone would have said she couldve made it even bigger in showbiz if it werent for the cervical cancer which tragically took her life last march 22, 2009.

So we're done with the celebrity part, now lets get on the disease segment. Cervical cancer betrays ladies (guys dont have cervix for those whos not a fan of health sciences. lol ) on their "enjoyment phase in life" prompting cervical cancer screening beginning at age 20. Yes! Thats how early this disease affects ladies. Screening is usually made by annual smears and once found positive, they are then put into confirmatory test of biopsy or taking of a portion of the tissue (in this case, the cervix) and is inspected for abnormal growth, size and charactesistics of cells. In Jade Goody's Cervical Cancer, she has been known to have abnormal cells at age 27. Treatment will follow like majority of cancers; she underwent surgery to remove her uterus (its called hysterectomy in medical terms). On her case, she underwent radical hysterectomy where the complete uterus and the upper vagina has been removed loosing her chance of conceiving if ever she went trought this disease successfully. After surgery, she underwent a series of chemotherapy where the drugs are cytotoxic (cell-killing) and the rapid growing cells are killed.

All right, lets take a break before I begin to sound like a teacher here (i hate teaching. lol)Here's something you need to know: the
drugs used in chemotherapy are so strong that all rapid growing cells in the body will be killed
. That explains why cancer patients on chemotherapy will loose their hair, have their nails ill-growing and the likes. :)

So, moving on, she was declared terminally ill last march 15 which means she is in the verge of meeting her creator in a matter of days. And so, she did last march 22nd. RIP Jade Goody, you will be missed.

Celebrity Death - Billy Powell's Heart Attack

 billy powellCelebrity death
You'd have to live in a cave if you havent heard the song "Sweet Home Alabama". It was from the all original and a 70's famous band Lynyrd Skynyrd. From this band, we were fortunate enoughto have known a man who was plane crash survivor before finally meeting his creator on January 27, 2009. Billy Powell died of Heart Attack.

Heart attack betrays anyone who misses to give it due recognition. This time, our long missed fellow Billy Powell had paid his dues. On one account, it was known that he called in on 9-1-1, 1am in the morning complaining he could not breath. When paramedics reached his condominium, he was found to be unresponsive while still holding the phone. Such a terrible sickness and death for such a celebrity like billy powell.

Ok, heres the part where I get nerdy for all of you, and mind you, im not proud of it really. So, heart attack is also known as myocardial infarction or just plain MI. It is caused by a blockage of a vessel supplying the heart of blood, which of course, carries on its flow, the oxygen and essential stuff that keeps the heart going. In Powell's case, when it happened, its more likely that he's been up late, does his usual activities (strenuous activities and certain drugs predispose people to heart attacks especially to older folks).

So that's pretty much it. Bear in mind that im a nurse and just writing from raw knowledge and experience and will not, in any way, substitute your doc's advise. This is me reminding you guys to stay free from Celebrity Diseases, live life better and youll be better off. Till the next celebrity disease guys! Ciao for now!

In connection to the Extensive List of Famous People and Celebrities with Diabetes Mellitus and Insipidus, I wanted to give you guys additional updates on which celebrities have these disease. Consider it a sequel to my earlier post.

Before that, I always start with sharing my experience as a nurse to our readers who might benefit from it in one way or another. Some months back, I was fortunate enough to care for this patient who had Diabetes Mellitus. I can tell the disease was already in advance stage basing from the vital signs shes showing, skyrocketing blood sugar levels (the reading I remembered was 400+ which is 4 times higher than normal). She had gangrene on her left big toe which I dressed every day. The doctor told her that the only way to stop the progression was to amputate the toe, and so he did schedule her for amputation days after. The patient was not at all happy about losing her toe but it was the lesser evil than her loosing her entire leg.

This is of course, not to discourage or frighten anyone but my point here is that prevention will always be better than cure. Dont let this happen to you or to your loved one.

So, to shift to a lighter side, here are the list of Celebrities and Famous People with Diabetes both Mellitus and Insipidus.

Jack Benny - Comedian

Halle Berry - Actress (Monster's Ball, X-Men, Die Another Day)

Wilford Brimley - Actor (Cocoon, The China Syndrome)

J. Anthony Brown -
Actor (Drumline), comedian, radio personality, dLifeTV co-host

Delta Burke - Actress (Designing Women) Miss Florida; Miss USA

James Cagney -
Actor (Public Enemy, Angels With Dirty Faces, Yankee Doodle Dandy)

Nell Carter - Actress (Gimme a Break)

Alvin Childress - Actor (Amos & Andy)

Dick Clark - Entertainer, television producer

James Doohan - Actor (scotty from Star Trek)

Dale Evans - Entertainer (The Yellow Rose of Texas, The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Show)

Stephen Furst - Actor (Animal House)

Victor Garber - Actor (Alias, Titanic, First Wives Club, Sleepless in Seattle)

Jackie Gleason - Actor (The Honeymooners, Smokey and the Bandit, The Hustler)

Dorian Gregory- Actor (Baywatch Nights, Charmed, The Other Half)

Dana Hill - Actress (Shoot the Moon, European Vacation)

Randy Jackson– Musician, producer, American Idol judge

Nocole Johnson- dLifeTV co-host; Miss America 1999; author and diabetes advocate.

Ziporra- Ballet teacher, former NYC Ballet Soloist

Larry King - Talk show host

Al Lewis - Actor (The Munsters)

Jerry Lewis - Comedian

Jerry Mathers - Actor (Leave it to Beaver)

Mary Tyler Moore - Actress (Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Ordinary People) and diabetes advocate

Mother Love - Entertainer, author, motivational speaker, dLifeTV co-host

Richard Mulligan - Actor (Soap, Empty Nest)

Carroll O'Conner - Actor (All in the Family, Heat of the Night)

Park Overall - Actress (Empty Nest)

Della Reese - Actress, singer (Touched by an Angel)

Esther Rolle - Actress (Good Times)

Sir Harry Secombe - Welsh singer, entertainer; former president of the British Diabetic Association.

Jean Smart - Actress (Designing Women)

Elaine Stritch- Comedian, actress

Elizabeth Taylor - Actress (National Velvet, Cleopatra, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)

Jim Turner- Actor (Bewitched, Arli$$), dLifeTV co-host

Aida Tuturro – Actress (The Sopranos)

Mae West - Actress (My Little Chickadee, I'm No Angel)

Wasim Akram - Pakistani cricket fast bowler

Walter Barnes - Football and actor. Before acting career he played professional football for the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles, 1948-1951.

Sarah Bina - Championship clogger

Ty Cobb - MLB - Detroit Tigers

Scott Coleman - Swimmer - first man with diabetes to swim the English Channel, (August 17th 1996)

Kenny Duckett - NFL - New Orleans Saints

Rick Dudley - Hockey

Mike Echols - NFL - Tennessee Titans

Pam Fernandes - Para Olympian

Curt Frasier - NHL - Chicago Black Hawks

Walt Frazier - * NBA - New York Knicks

“Smokin’ Joe” Frazier - Boxing

Dave Hollins - 1993 Phillies World Series Third Baseman

James "Catfish" Hunter - MLB - Pitcher, Baseball Hall-of-Famer

Chuck Heidenrich - Skiing

ay Leeuwenburg - NFL - Indianapolis Colts Lineman

Michael Earl Malone -* Son of former NBA star Moses Malone.

Michelle McGann - LPGA golfer

Jackie Robinson - Baseball Player

Sugar Ray Robinson - Boxing

Ron Santo - MLB - Chicago Cubs legend

Mike Sinclair - NFL - Philadelphia Eagles

Sherri Turner - LPGA golfer

Scott Verplank - PGA golfer

Jo Ann Washam - LPGA golfer

David "Boomer" Wells - San Diego Padres Pitcher

Wade Wilson - NFL - Minnesota Vikings Quarterback

Nat Adderley - Jazz Musician

Syd Barret - Singer (Pink Floyd)

Danny Joe Brown - Singer (Molly Hatchet)

James Brown - 'The Godfather of Soul'

Johnny Cash - 'The Man in Black'

Mark Collie - Country Singer

David Crosby - Singer (Crosby, Stills, and Nash)
Miles Davis - Jazz Musician

Johnny Darrell - Country music singer

Phife Dawg - Rapper (A Tribe Called Quest)

Mama Cass Elliott - Singer (Mamas and the Papas)

Ella Fitzgerald - Singer

Mick Fleetwood - Musician (Fleetwood Mac)

Aretha Franklin - 'The Queen of Soul'

Melvin Franklin - Singer

Jerry Garcia - Singer, Musician (Grateful Dead)

Dizzy Gillespie - Jazz Musician

Shirley Horn - Grammy-winning Jazz singer and pianist

Marvin Isley - Singer (The Isley Brothers)

Mahalia Jackson - Gospel Singer

Waylon Jennings - Country Singer

Herbert Kahury (“Tiny Tim”) - Singer

B.B. King - Blues Singer and Musician

Patti LaBelle - Soul singer

Peggy Lee - Jazz singer, Grammy winner

Tommy Lee - Drummer (Motley Crue)

Curtis Mayfield - Soul singer

Neil Young - Singer and guitarist

Gary Valenciano - Philipinno singer

Luther Vandross - Singer

Norman Whitfield - Grammy winning R&B songwriter and record producer

That's it guys! Hope you had something after being on this post about list of Celebrities and Famous People with Diabetes. Till the next post.

Famous People Celebrity Bipolar Disorder

Celebrities and Famous People with Bipolar Depression Disorder

OK guys, i know i havent been posting for so long that I almost forgot my password on my blogger account. For those who've been waiting for posts, Im sorry. But hey, im back and im going all out with another famous celebrity disability - Bipolar Disorder.

Well, alot can be said from this disability. The usual perhaps would be that its a mental, psychological, and hormonal disease affecting mainly the hormones that control our body's activity or inactivity level.

Most guys hate it when the ladies are having their period since thats the time their mood swings are manifested. I know I hate these times expecially when GF starts nagging me. Anyways, in Bipolar Disease, the mood swings are much more intense ranging from severe inactivity to extremely hightened feelings even to the point of suicidal tendencies. Yeps, thats how alarming this Celebrity Disorder is.

For management, basically patients are given pharmacologic regimen to control its remissions. Some drugs that may be given are anti-depressants or what medical health workers call as "uppers" for those suffering from depression and "downers" for those who are manic. i wont mention any drug because I dont want to promote anything here. If you or your family member is suspected to have this disorder, please follow my advice, go see a doctor.

Famous People with Bipolar Disorder:
The list is quite extensive but they definitely include the following:
Virginia Woolf - novelist - January 25, 1882
Axl Rose - rock singer - February 6, 1962
Maurice Benard - actor - March 1, 1963
Robert Lowell - poet - March 1, 1917
Charley Pride - country-western singer - March 18, 1938
Rosemary Clooney - singer - May 23, 1928
Mariette Hartley - actress - advocate - June 21, 1940
Linda Hamilton - actress - September 26, 1956
Sting - musician, actor - October 2, 1951
Margot Kidder - actress - October 17, 1948
Jean-Claude Van Damme - actor - October 18, 1960
Jeannie C. Riley - country-western singer - October 19, 1945
Carrie Fisher - actress/writer - October 21, 1956
Sylvia Plath - poet/author - October 27, 1932
Larry Flynt - publisher, activist - November 1, 1942
Vivien Leigh - actress - November 5, 1913
Jonathan Winters - comedian, actor - November 11, 1925
Burgess Meredith - actor - November 16, 1907
Dick Cavett - actor, author, host - November 19, 1936
Ben Stiller - actor, director, writer, comedian - November 30, 1965
Connie Francis - singer, actress - December 12, 1938
Patty Duke - actress - December 14, 1946
DMX - rapper & actor - December 18, 1970
Phil Spector - musician, producer - December 26, 1940

Figured why Van Damme's on the top pic? We'll i figured Celebrity Bipolar Disease affects anyone, and i mean even those seemingly healthy and perfect individuals. Did I miss anyone? Do let me know by commenting. See you next post guys!

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