Itunes Gift On Facebook

Since I bought my first ipod, ive really been into digging up what I could about them. Its simply a great product and does what its supposed to do in a way only apple can.

Throughout this time, ive really been into facebook. Compared to friendster, its way way ahead of the game. With its simplicity in design and user friendliness, you can never go wrong.

The reason for the two being tied up together in this post is to emphasize the fact that these two amazing entities have joined forces to give us a great bang for the buck!

If you dont have itunes, here's the quick way to do it:

If you have an iTunes Redeem Code, you can create a free account by opening iTunes, clicking on the “iTunes Store” item in the menubar on the left side of the application, choosing your country at the bottom of the page, then clicking the “Redeem” link in the “Quick Links” section in the top right corner of the page.

What you can now do is to have an iTunes Online Gifts directly sent t your friends. Whats even more amazing is tthat you can redeem it immediately after seeing it in your wall.

If you want to have it, head over to itunes store now!

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