Britney has transformed herself from an acceptable and tolerable young lad (i didnt like her that much) to something outrageously naughty. This "My Prerogative", vagina-showing and used-to-be-bald pop-icon has been the content of all the gossip columns, paparazzi photos and internet searches. But what is that very known to everyone is that Britney Spears is Sick with Bulimia.

This is not actually new but she got into trouble more times imaginable that people dont ever talk about her illness anymore. Yes, you better thank god this Celebrity Diseases Blog is existing. Anyways, when she had her rehabilitation for quite sometime, the doctors were given the most precious time to observe and assess Britney Spears from head to foot, upside-down and inside up and eventually, they discovered she has been hiding her Eating Disorder called Bulimia Nervosa or commonly known as Bulimia.

This is also a psychological disease that is characterized by binge eating (voracious eating episodes) which is followed by feelings of guilt and depression for eating that much and as a consequence, a person suffering from Bulimia results to purging (or forced vomiting), unnecessary medications, laxatives, enemas and alot more. Think of it as the guilt feeling of buying jeans you thought is very cool and all that but you soon realize, its a bell-bottom that the beatles were using that wipes city streets clean. Well, that maybe a bit exaggerated but you get my point. Moving on, it turns out that Spears has been trouble by this disease condition for almost a decade. This gave doctors a hard time since everytime she swallows medicine, it would eventually end up on the toilet after she vomits it.

Now, you ever wondered why Britney never got those flabby fats? Well, theres one reason for you. So, the next time you envy someone who never seem to fatten, now you have an excuse. "Its better to be eccentric than to be bulimic". Too bad Britney is both. lol!


  1. Anonymous  

    December 30, 2008 at 1:33 AM

    One of Britney Spears lifeguards told Star that she is still a seriously sick girl who lives in a fear-filled fantasy world and is now in the grip of a dangerous eating disorder. Brit's diet consists mostly of "Taco Bell and turkey jerky washed down with Red Bull." But she often doesn't keep it down. "She throws up after meals, both at home and at restaurant. She has to go to the bathroom constantly and you can smell it in the bathroom, people around her think she's bulimic." Thank you

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  2. erin  

    March 23, 2011 at 8:12 PM

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