Today's post will entirely be about cancers. As we all know, its one of the most debilitating disease that we face today. Its becoming a societal epidemic as well. It infects us all including the seemingly impenetrable rich and famous celebrities. They do have cancers too! Its just that they have more money to delay the symptoms and to hide them off of disclosure.

Cancer - Unspecified Cancer

* Chandralekha - Dancer
* Elizabeth Choy - Singapore War Hero
* Ty Cobb - Baseball Player
* Gary C. Comer - Founder of Lands End clothing company
* Christopher Essex - Fashion Designer
* Giacinto Facchetti - Italian Soccer Player
* Gert Fredriksson - Olympic Canoeist
* Joseph Kauffman - Peace Corps Founder
* Jim Lemon - Baseball Player
* JoAnna Lund - Cookbook author
* Jeff McClelland - Airline executive
* Gloria Monty - TV Producer ("General Hospital")
* Philippe Noiret - Actor ("Il Postino", "Cinema Paradiso")
* George Page - TV Host (PBS series "Nature")
* Denis Payton - Sax Player ("Dave Clark Five")
* June Pointer - Singer (Pointer Sisters)
* Patsy Ramsey - Mother of JonBenet Ramsey
* Patricia Goedicke Robinson - Poet
* Rudolf Vrba - Auschwitz death camp escapee
* Dennis Weaver - Actor ("Gunsmoke")

There are alot of ways why these celebrities and famous people did not disclose the actual cancer that they have. As for the reason why, i guess its for them to know and for us to find out.


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