We all knew her from the ever popular series, Baywatch, she got into the sexy image as a model for Playboy and dozens of other magazines, made it to a gazillion cover pages and well, her famous celebrity sex tape even got her too much attention. But fame is not a privilege for diseases and she is one very good example. This doll named non-other than Pamela Anderson has been diagnosed of Hepatitis C.

She claims she got it from her ex-husband, co-maker of the famous sextape, and former drummer of a rock band, Tommy Lee through a shared needle while making their tattoo together. Now this made me wonder, how in the world can two VERY rich personalities share the same needle? Well, its for them to know and for us to find out. And about tattoo? My strong guess is the one that is designed as a tattoo ring on each of the couple's left ring finger. Maybe, just maybe, because of this togetherness blah blahs that she got this disease. What a defamer.

Just a brief background on Hepatitis C that Pamela Anderson is suffering, its a disease that is spread through body fluids or in this case, sharps or needles and sexual contact but its rare. People infected with this disease is not manifesting any of the signs and symptoms which make it very hard to find out. Another fact worth noting is that Hepatitis C does not have any vaccine yet available so its spread can be fatal.

So, what could happen to Ms. Pamela Anderson? She has to have regular check-ups from the doctor and watch her liver because Hepatitis C is just a liver-destroyer that it only takes weeks to permanently disable its functions.


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