Syphilis. A word we all brand as disgusting and very controversial but do we really know what it is? Well, i would be very pleased to share a thing or two about what i know about it.

Its generally a sexually transmitted disease or STD and it is most common is urban areas where promiscuity is a necessity like the metropolitan cities and downtown areas. It is caused by Treponema Spirochete, something i totally forgot about. lol Anyways, it can also be transmitted at birth or when a baby is delivered from a syphilis-positive mother. Hell, no way the famous people and celebrities with syphilis that im going to disclose are using this as an excuse. haha!

Well, so much for my ado, i know youre just after the names and not the technicality of the disease so here are the names i found out that was proven and some were allegedly syphilis-positive.

Al Capone, American Gangster in chicago nicknamed "the scarface"
Antonio Botto, A poet
Édouard Manet, Painter
King Edward VI, King of England and third Tudor Monarch
Franz Schubert, COmposer
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, 19th Century German Philosopher (See, even philosophers arent that behaved as you might
Guy de Maupassant, Writer
King Henry VIII, King of England and Second tudor Monarch (It does run in the blood.)
Tongzhi, 9th emperor of Qing Dynasty in China (Asian counterparts dont get left behind as
Vladimir Lenin, Russian Communist Leader, was not disclosed due to image reputations
Winston Churchill, An allied leader, a Visionary (Do you see a certain pattern here?)
Randolph Churchill, Father of Winston, Got the disease in his mid-life
Karen Blixen, Writer
John Wilmut, 2nd earl of Rochester
Ivan the Terrible, Czar of Russia
Isabela Beeton, Author of of Beeton's Book of Household Management(What an
Hugo Wolf, Composer
Idi Amin, Ugandan Dictator
Howard Hughes, Aviator and Billionaire

Who's next to be added on this list? Britney, Paris and Lindsay are not far from being the next candidates.


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