Yes, you got it right. This blog is featuring some great outfits to make you look like the celebrity you adore (Not when they are sick of course). I just found this site that features lots of product lines including one of my very favorite, seven for all mankind. This is like an online boutique that offers a great variety of pants shirts, jeans, hoods, belts or anything that gets you "pimped" so to say.

I actually ventured into their website and liked their collection of nudie jeans. Wait a minute, do you know what is a nudie? Its a pants that is tight enough to get girls magnetized towards you. Well, flaunting is the in thing today i believe.

Generally, my favorite feature about this site is its unique "consult-an-expert" service wherein you can ask an expert what would be best for you to buy and what colors matches what. The things that you normally ask your girlfriends about? They have it, so I should say i recommend it to you guys. Check them out and you might just find the look you always wanted. Let me guess, is it eminem's hoody? or perhaps will smith's blazer? or if not, ben affleck's tight fit shirts. They got it and all you have to do is pick one that you think suites you well. Happy shopping guys!


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