This is yet, another question that bugged me some days ago as I contemplated why people, most especially the celebrities are really not contented on the way they are getting rid of their money. Can it be that they have so much dime, they would not even mind spending whole lots of it in just one night?

Well, its not very uncommon for us to see or hear about celebrities spending weeks or even months in Las Vegas for grace, glory and girls. They spend their way to the Top USA Online Casinos and with almost no conscience at all, they splurge.

This brings us back to our question, is casinos and gambling another celebrity disease? Well, yes! As we have defined disease before, its something that may be acute or chronic and it is out of the normal physiologic needs of the body. By all means, this is pretty much another celebrity disease.

Watch out for more celeb sickness tackled in the coming posts! ;)


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