At of the time of this writing, CDC reports a total of 109 cases of swine flu all over the United States. The state with the highest incidence is in New York with 50 cases, followed by Texas with 26 and California with 14.

With that 14 cases of swine flu in California, would you ever bet your favorite celebrity would be on that list at all?

So I guess the "keen-ness" in me got a hold of myself pretty well. Here's my list of top 7 celebrities who are likely to have swine flu.

1.) Nicole Richie

Being a nurse at the same time gives you priveleges like being able to spot people who are likely to get sick of a terminal illness in the future, more like a medical horoscope if you will. The very instance I heard about the Swine Flu Scare, one picture got into me directly: Nicole, Nicole, Nicole. She blasts off as number 1 in our list.

2.) Pete Doherty

This "Libertine" frontman and Academic Buff gets his notch as the number two on our list just because of his appearance. He's been rumored to have a lot of "after gigs" which include coke, MJ's and everything in between. Better watch yourself mate!

3.) Elizabeth Taylor

She has recently been rumored to have chills and slight fever lately. Being one of the most beautiful women who ever walked on this planet doesnt spare anyone, not even elizabeth taylor from being infected with swine flu. As for the age factor, older people generally have lower resistance to viruses. Be careful Elizabeth! BTW, she's on twitter! Follow her @DameElizabeth

4.) Lindsay Lohan

One of the obvious trademarks of being immuno-compromised is having an externally visible signs of excessive weight loss maybe due to anorexia or other eating disorders. For this reason, the TMZ favorite, Lindsay builds our list at number 4.

5.) Tara Reid

One of the girls that's always on the "Drunk Celebrities List" on various websites gives her the right to be the top 5 of our search for the celebrities who are likely to have swine flu. With so much alcohol in her system, the kidneys cannot function as well as a normal, sane person's kidney would. This often leads to blood composition abnormalities including white blood cells which act as the body's defense against viruses. Tara, you're hot but people are sick of you. :)

6.) Mariah Carey

Mimi lodged in to our top 6 just because of being so fat over the years. I could still remember her peak years where she was just a hot and gorgeous. But now, for carrying around so much fat deposits, she's on the limelight once again. Altough Swine Flu cannot be transmitted from eating pork, it is definitely contagious from person to person contact. She's got a concert right? Well, goodluck with that!

And the Swine Flu Queen........... Drum Roll Please.

7.) Kristie Alley

In her younger years when she co-starred on the hit T.V. show “Cheers” Kristie Alley never used to be overweight. Recently, she has been packing on the pounds - so much so that Jenny Craig has hired her to be their official weight loss spokesperson. Her weight loss has been gradual, too gradual for anyone.

Much like chicken pox, swine flu cannot be contracted from eating pork. But this has got to be insane. She might as well add Tamiflu (the medicine for swine flu) to her barrage of weight loss pills.


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    September 4, 2011 at 9:35 PM

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  7. Anonymous  

    September 4, 2011 at 9:37 PM

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