Do you like to play backgammon? Im not really familiar with the game however, if you already know how to play backgammon, you might try playing at It is a site that offers an all in one game lobby, which includes games such as blackjack and backgammon. This site is actually one of the most important and biggest online communities for the backgammon game.

It may not sound very uncommon but celebrities like to roll the dice each time they have the opportunity. Las Vegas, Nevada; a place that we know we can find celebrities betting big time money on games like blackjack and other popular games. Recent gossip columns tell us that celebrities are more in tuned to roll high stakes over at casinos. In fact, there was once in an interview that Paris Hilton revealed that she loved to play Backgammon than any other gambling games. Also she believes that the game has a very good variety of outcomes that makes it even more exciting. She was spotted to sit around over a blackjack table for the whole evening with a mysterious guy hanging around (should we be surprised anymore?)

Maybe this is one of the reason why some of us just itch to play games online. This leads me to a question. . . Is it all worth it?


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