This is a question that really caught my attention when my aunt (my father's sister) told my father that they are going to loan money from the bank to cover their expenses because they are planning to go to Hong Kong. My father, as traditional as he is, got exasperated with this 'lame" decision of my aunt. He was bothered for quite a while because in his point of view, the word loan is for impractical people only.

This leads me to a question, Do celebrities ever have loans?

I was thinking for a very good example and the firs celebrity personality that came into my mind was Mike Tyson. of course you remember him, the number one brawler-boxer the world has ever known. The champ that turned to worst. And not to mention his tactic of the century when he bit holyfield's ear? God, that was unforgettable. Now, look at him. Where is he now? He just got out of prison a few months ago and where does he stay? A friend's house. Imagine a guy whos been to the top and got on the bottomless pit. Would you ever want to be like this guy?

If not, you might want to try out payday loans and think about getting one the next time you have a financial stress.


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