Isn't it obvious? With all the glitz and glamor that Las Vegas has to offer, a filthy darn rich celebrity can never go out of place when he visits the city that never sleeps. I even read about a celebrity who goes to Las Vegas anonymously and spend the hell out of his pockets. Can you guess who im referring to? Well, thats one blind item for you. ;)

Online, its a whole new different story. I myself always wanted to learn each and every game that an establishment offers although it might take me some time to master all of them. Have you heard of simple online casino? Its a site that offers a simple, direct and user friendly approach to these games. If you ask me, this is a very good way of exploring things out before you go to the real thing. Its a site were novice players like me can have the best of time. Hmmm. . . Let's see, where do I start?


  1. Mousee  

    January 30, 2008 at 11:39 AM

    The war between traditional and online casino isn’t over as I think. There are some big companies like Neteller (as billing system) or PartyPoker (as the largest casino) who will continue to lobby in order to return their positions. I think that decrease in casino for sale’ business on the US market will be substituted by increase on the European and Asian market.

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