Caring and loving. Two words that you would never have to associate with someone from Hollywood celebrities. Im talking about a holistic view here and not on individuals only. So, what do you think?

Do you remember the huge conflict that Britney Spears had with her mother? Sure, it made the mainstream press in a split second matter. From the time the first event happened, it never took a day for the photos to come out, for the videos to leak vastly, for the rumors to circulate like wind. This is how they view family loving and caring-Just for the hell of a cheap exposure. Dont you agree with me?

If you go to a care home, elderly people would be forced to befriend each other and catch up on gossips and everything but they do it in a veroy dignified manner that people form Hollywood would never understand because they simply are not made for it.

Just a tip tough, if you want to know more about caring and loving, do visit the link I gave you. There, you will know what true unconditional love is.


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