Its tough to talk about this topic personally, but as a blogger, I am considering this one as "another heavy duty work" since this is first and foremost, not my cup of tea. This is what people wants me to write about on this blog so, here it goes! Just dont forget im doing this one for your enjoyments guys, i mean girls!

One thing that makes a movie a "not just another movie" is the cast and everybody knows this one, perhaps its a no-brainer to all of us, but let me ask you this question; how do producers pick the ones who play roles especially in action movies? Well, im going to let you in on this secret but promise not to tell anyone? Ok, now, depending on the movie, its plot and its style, producers come up with a "category" in choosing the best actor to play the role. Remember Sylvester Stallone in Rocky? Will Smith in Independence day or Bruce Willis in The Jackal? Well, a very reliable source of mine, a hollywood insider, told me that one of the category was the size of their manhood. Now, im dont want to sound gay-ish or any of those things but I think its true, I mean people always look up someone who is charismatic and there the size does really boost up points. Truly, size does matter.

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