Celebrity Bloggers Disease?

Is there any thing even close to this disease? Well, some of you might not be aware of it but some of the best celebrities maintain their own blogs. Amazing? Believe it.

In the local scene, we know people are not into blogging as americans or the westerners are but mind you, celebrity hunters, I know some local celebs who are into blogging as well. For one, I know 2 star struck avengers who have blogs but they are currently inactive so its useless putting the link in here. Right? You want one? Comment below. ;) Internationally, I also have the blog site of moby. Yes, the famous singer. I kinda liked the idea of you wanting the link so, comment below if you want it. ;)

If you dont have a blog, why not start one? You might even come across a celebrity blog yourself. And for your hosting needs, I recommend this one, best web hosting. On this site, the author reviews some of the best web hosting companies there is. Overall, a great find.


  1. Lutch  

    April 8, 2008 at 2:22 PM

    hey, long time no see....musta nah?

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