Celebrity Death - Billy Powell's Heart Attack

 billy powellCelebrity death
You'd have to live in a cave if you havent heard the song "Sweet Home Alabama". It was from the all original and a 70's famous band Lynyrd Skynyrd. From this band, we were fortunate enoughto have known a man who was plane crash survivor before finally meeting his creator on January 27, 2009. Billy Powell died of Heart Attack.

Heart attack betrays anyone who misses to give it due recognition. This time, our long missed fellow Billy Powell had paid his dues. On one account, it was known that he called in on 9-1-1, 1am in the morning complaining he could not breath. When paramedics reached his condominium, he was found to be unresponsive while still holding the phone. Such a terrible sickness and death for such a celebrity like billy powell.

Ok, heres the part where I get nerdy for all of you, and mind you, im not proud of it really. So, heart attack is also known as myocardial infarction or just plain MI. It is caused by a blockage of a vessel supplying the heart of blood, which of course, carries on its flow, the oxygen and essential stuff that keeps the heart going. In Powell's case, when it happened, its more likely that he's been up late, does his usual activities (strenuous activities and certain drugs predispose people to heart attacks especially to older folks).

So that's pretty much it. Bear in mind that im a nurse and just writing from raw knowledge and experience and will not, in any way, substitute your doc's advise. This is me reminding you guys to stay free from Celebrity Diseases, live life better and youll be better off. Till the next celebrity disease guys! Ciao for now!


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