Jade Goody Dies from Cervical Cancer

If you're in British and a big fan of Big Brother since it started, Im sure you all admired (some hated) Jade Goody who just recently died of Cervical Cancer a disease just as famous as the ones it usually victimize. The news of her death has been covered by major media outlets all over the world but here in celebrity diseases blog, not only will you get to feed your undying curiosity for the celebrity, but for the disease as well. So lets get it this going, shall we?

Jade Goody made her debut in celebrityville during the 2oo2 series of Big Brother in Britain. She has been known for her distinct personality, unique outlook and downright frank yet meaningful attitude. She went main stream again during the 2007 celebrity edition in which she was involved in a rather racist controversy over an indian housemate. Shortly after she was evicted, she made many public apologies claiming that she realized that what she did was wrong. Over the course of her ephemeral career in showbiz, she launched products and autobiographies which got onto the most shopped items for a while. Given the rate her career was going, anyone would have said she couldve made it even bigger in showbiz if it werent for the cervical cancer which tragically took her life last march 22, 2009.

So we're done with the celebrity part, now lets get on the disease segment. Cervical cancer betrays ladies (guys dont have cervix for those whos not a fan of health sciences. lol ) on their "enjoyment phase in life" prompting cervical cancer screening beginning at age 20. Yes! Thats how early this disease affects ladies. Screening is usually made by annual smears and once found positive, they are then put into confirmatory test of biopsy or taking of a portion of the tissue (in this case, the cervix) and is inspected for abnormal growth, size and charactesistics of cells. In Jade Goody's Cervical Cancer, she has been known to have abnormal cells at age 27. Treatment will follow like majority of cancers; she underwent surgery to remove her uterus (its called hysterectomy in medical terms). On her case, she underwent radical hysterectomy where the complete uterus and the upper vagina has been removed loosing her chance of conceiving if ever she went trought this disease successfully. After surgery, she underwent a series of chemotherapy where the drugs are cytotoxic (cell-killing) and the rapid growing cells are killed.

All right, lets take a break before I begin to sound like a teacher here (i hate teaching. lol)Here's something you need to know: the
drugs used in chemotherapy are so strong that all rapid growing cells in the body will be killed
. That explains why cancer patients on chemotherapy will loose their hair, have their nails ill-growing and the likes. :)

So, moving on, she was declared terminally ill last march 15 which means she is in the verge of meeting her creator in a matter of days. And so, she did last march 22nd. RIP Jade Goody, you will be missed.


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