Famous People Celebrity Bipolar Disorder

Celebrities and Famous People with Bipolar Depression Disorder

OK guys, i know i havent been posting for so long that I almost forgot my password on my blogger account. For those who've been waiting for posts, Im sorry. But hey, im back and im going all out with another famous celebrity disability - Bipolar Disorder.

Well, alot can be said from this disability. The usual perhaps would be that its a mental, psychological, and hormonal disease affecting mainly the hormones that control our body's activity or inactivity level.

Most guys hate it when the ladies are having their period since thats the time their mood swings are manifested. I know I hate these times expecially when GF starts nagging me. Anyways, in Bipolar Disease, the mood swings are much more intense ranging from severe inactivity to extremely hightened feelings even to the point of suicidal tendencies. Yeps, thats how alarming this Celebrity Disorder is.

For management, basically patients are given pharmacologic regimen to control its remissions. Some drugs that may be given are anti-depressants or what medical health workers call as "uppers" for those suffering from depression and "downers" for those who are manic. i wont mention any drug because I dont want to promote anything here. If you or your family member is suspected to have this disorder, please follow my advice, go see a doctor.

Famous People with Bipolar Disorder:
The list is quite extensive but they definitely include the following:
Virginia Woolf - novelist - January 25, 1882
Axl Rose - rock singer - February 6, 1962
Maurice Benard - actor - March 1, 1963
Robert Lowell - poet - March 1, 1917
Charley Pride - country-western singer - March 18, 1938
Rosemary Clooney - singer - May 23, 1928
Mariette Hartley - actress - advocate - June 21, 1940
Linda Hamilton - actress - September 26, 1956
Sting - musician, actor - October 2, 1951
Margot Kidder - actress - October 17, 1948
Jean-Claude Van Damme - actor - October 18, 1960
Jeannie C. Riley - country-western singer - October 19, 1945
Carrie Fisher - actress/writer - October 21, 1956
Sylvia Plath - poet/author - October 27, 1932
Larry Flynt - publisher, activist - November 1, 1942
Vivien Leigh - actress - November 5, 1913
Jonathan Winters - comedian, actor - November 11, 1925
Burgess Meredith - actor - November 16, 1907
Dick Cavett - actor, author, host - November 19, 1936
Ben Stiller - actor, director, writer, comedian - November 30, 1965
Connie Francis - singer, actress - December 12, 1938
Patty Duke - actress - December 14, 1946
DMX - rapper & actor - December 18, 1970
Phil Spector - musician, producer - December 26, 1940

Figured why Van Damme's on the top pic? We'll i figured Celebrity Bipolar Disease affects anyone, and i mean even those seemingly healthy and perfect individuals. Did I miss anyone? Do let me know by commenting. See you next post guys!


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