"Manny Pacquiao Ticket for Next Fight". A phrase we all associate with utmost excitement together with boxing's limelight. For all those who's not familiar with boxing, he's a Filipino Boxer who just rose to fame with his fiery fast punches. In a span of 5 years, hes beaten alot of great fighters, majority of whom are mexicans like Marco Antonio Barrerra and Juan Manuel Marquez.

Today, im going to tackle about fatigue and how it can cause someone to be ill. People who are very much active like the athletes are very prone to this condition simply because they undergo extensive training to reach a weight limit. (talk about heavy weight loss) When Manny Pacquiao VS Morales broke out, manny was over stressed that he could not eat very much. His muscles cramp up, his brain is telling him to stop and rest but his body tells him otherwise but is unable to.

Its like wanting to do something you simply cant do and you know you still can. Yes, thats how it feels like to have a severe fatigue. Of course, it can be managed by rest and relaxation techniques. Also nutrition and increased fluid and electrolytes intake. So the next time you feel fatigued, take my advise and to something about it fast.

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