Having a colostomy is very uncomfortable especially for those who are used to an active lifestyle. Patients often retire to the notion that they cannot do the usual things they have been doing prior to the colostomy procedure.

Colostomy Diet is one of the things that ostomates dont initially dread on. It is a specialized and balanced diet that is perfectly fitted for the needs of patients who have undergone colostomy procedure.

Here in celebrity diseases blog, we pride ourselves in letting the famous people go out from their comfort zones and inspire people having the same disease as they are. And this is dont without them knowing it. How cool is that?

Dwight Eisenhower - Former US President

Fred Astaire - actor/dancer

Barbara Barrie - actress

Rolf Benirschke - professional US football player/game show host/ConvaTec spokesperson

Napoleon Bonaparte - world leader and military conqueror

Marvin Bush - financial advisor and son of former US president

Al Geiberger - professional golfer - Had to undergone a series of After Colostomy Diets to arrive at one that suited him well.

Bob Hope - entertainer/comedian/actor

Tip O’Neil - US Speaker of the House and Ambassador to Ireland

William Powell - actor

Queen Mum (colostomy since 1966)- British royal

Suzanne Rosenthal - CCFA Founder

Red Skelton - comedian

Ed Sullivan - TV host

Loretta Young - actress

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