Andy Hallet of series "Angel" dies at 33
You remember the TV series "Angel"? Then you wont have any trouble recalling the green skinned, good-guy, demon Lorne. The actor was Andy Hallet and sadly, he died of congestive heart failure at the tender age of 33.

Andy Hallet's "Angel" TV Series lasted 5 seasons to run in WB before it got canceled in 2004. Just as ephemeral his showbiz career, his life was short but a meaningful one. Shortly after the show was cancelled, he was diagnosed to have Congestive Heart Disease which got him on and off the hospital for 5 years.

Like Billy Powell and other celebrities with heart diseases, this is one classic example of how the heart betrays anyone regardless of age, race or social status. This celebrity disease is commonly associated with decreased tolerance to do activities of daily living such as running, exercise, or at the terminal stage, even walking. This happens when the heart is inadequately pumping enough blood to supply the body's needs. As we all know, blood contains oxygen, nutrients and essential fluids to keep the body at its optimal level. Any significant decrease in the blood's delivery will be detrimental to the body.

So in Andy Hallet's case, it came to a point wherein his heart disease has progressed that his body cannot anymore cope up with the decreased blood circulation. Thus, it can now be termed as "Congestive Heart Failure".

I hope this post fed your curiousity about his death. Rest assured, this blog will continue to give you the information you want about your celebrity diseases. Do you share any disease with the celebrities in here? Please let me know through my "Contact Me" page.

Until then! Remember, Celebrity Diseases can catch you off guard, so youre better off preventing rather than treating. :)


  1. dale  

    March 18, 2011 at 2:10 AM

    He was really good artist. I know he is died caused by heart attack. He was very young. His fans and family would be shocked with his death.

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