This is a question that got into my mind this past few days after I was doing my routine blog hopping session on my free time. I was at perez hilton's blog (possibly the most talked about gossip blog in the whole blogosphere) and each time I see a new issue for a particular celebrity, there is always a link that gets me to the personal sites of these celebrities. Now, one might ask. .

are celebrities into buying domains for themselves nowadays?

Perhaps and maybe but to count in my opinion, I should say no. Here's why: celebrities are well too busy to maintain a site more so a blog. Though some celebrities like moby, the musician, the one whos got a coffee shop back in london, do have blogs of their own that gets updated at least once a week or two. This is, however, a rarity. I think nowadays, you are not a celebrity if you dont have a domain of your own. Would you agree with me on that note?

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